Tips for Buying a Journal

While physical journals have become less popular today because people rely on technology for their everyday lives, they are truly more reliable. Scheduling the day, organizing projects and tasks and keeping track of contacts is easy on the phone but anything can happen. If you lose your phone, or damage it, there is a huge chance that you will not get that information back. Putting it down on a journal is so much easier.

If you are looking to get your life together and your phone just won’t cut it, you should definitely get yourself a journal

Here are a few tips to help you buy the perfect journal

Consider the size of the journal

Before picking out a journal, it is important that you know what you are going to do with it. This will guide you in choosing the right kind of journal. If you are looking for a portable journal, then its best if you go for a mini or slim journal. Grand sized journals are great for people looking to write big blocks of texts.

Check the quality of the binding

There is nothing as annoying as having pages fall off your journal. This is why it is important that the journal you get has a high-quality construction as well as a neat bound.  The type of bound on the journal will protect your written pages from any harsh conditions it might e subjected to.  The hardcover helps the books last you longer as well as makes it aesthetically pleasing.

The quality of the paper

A high-grade journal, or book, should have smooth paper inside. This is because this paper is made with no feathering and high opacity. Check for paper that is compatible with the kinds of pens you use.

The design of the cover

If you are an artistic person, the design of the cover is definitely a huge factor when you are getting the journal. Remember, you are going to be using it for some time so you want to get something you really like. Some people are into heavy prints and deigns while others prefer a plain old journal.

 The layout, paper weight and rulings

Generally, the weight of the paper will spend on the quality for the book. Paper with more weight means you have a good quality journal. For instance, if you are going to use a fountain pen, you need to get a good quality paper journal. Chose the ruling of the paper according to your needs and what you find comfortable to write on.

Thee journal closure

Journals are meant to be private, hence why they have closures. The type of closure will determine how accessible the journal is to other people. A free journal will open up your business to many. There are three main types of closures; the magnetic clasp/wrap/strap, the metal clasp and the elastic band. The magnetic closure will keep your journal intact the best.

Final word

There are many places you could purchase a journal, including bookstores and online. The tips above will help you get the journal of your choosing without having to struggle too much.