Must Have Office Stationery Items

Stationary items can change the level of productivity in the office. With the right supplies, you can change a slow workplace into a more productive one.

Here is a list of office supplies for your everyday business needs

Markers/mark pens

Markers are great for the office space. When one is reading a newspaper or book, they can use markers to note some points or points out important parts of the text.  They are great for underlining sentences and quotes that you need to used later. You can use the quotes during meetings to encourage more people in the workplace.

Plain white papers

White papers act as a good backup when the office is low on supplies like books, notepads and writing pads. A white sheet is not only good for printing but they can be valuable when taking down information too.

Organizers and envelops

Envelops are still very helpful even in this digital era. You can use them to send invitations, business cards, cheques and company flyers to your client and potential business partners.

Basic pens, pencils and pen holders

This is perhaps one of the most essential pieces of stationary that is kept in the office. if you work in the business sector, then you probably understand how important pens are. There is no excuse for walking around without a pen.

You need to have one at a meeting, presentation, conference or just about any events. Pens are also useful for basic work at the office. while you may not see the need for pencils, they can be very handy in the office space.

 Pencils do not need ink and its use will last longer when compared to some pends.  They are helpful when scribbling down ideas, especially in an artsy environment. Pend holders allow you to keep your pen or pens at an accessible distance without loosing them most of the time.


Branded notebooks are very important in the workplace. Journals are great office supplies and will help people store information better.  One can use them to write important messages when they are trying to keep track of things in the workplace.

Writing sets and pads

Unlike journals, writing sets and notepads are really easy to carry. People use them to dribble down quick information regarding names, phone numbers and other important details in the workplace.


Ideally, you have a calendar on your phone and computer, but you need a couple of desk calendars and one big one for the wall. This helps employees stay in touch with all the dates, and deadlines when they have a constant reminder around.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes play a huge role in the office. they can come in handy when in matters of being organized in the office space. They help people get more organized at work as well as keep tabs on important things at the office.

The items mentioned above rare essential for an effective office team. Other stationary items like glue, paper clips, Stapler, staples, pen holders, tape, stamps and more work hand in hand with them to make work more convenient at the office. you can purchase these items depending on your business as well as the budget.