Custom Canvas Prints Ideas for the Office

The line between professionalism and décor in the office is very slim and the chances of getting too comfortable in terms of décor can be easily crossed. When incorporating décor in your office, it is important that you keep it professional and that is where the office stationery and journals come in. Besides, the clients coming into your office need to get the sense of business and that is why you will have to leave some of the items at home.

Getting comfortable in your office is okay but things like heaters, electric kettles, and candles do not add to the professional image that you are trying to achieve. So apart from the stationery and soft furnishings you could also add custom canvas prints in your office, below are some incredible ideas to set you off.

Embed staff photos on canvas

Images of the founding fathers of various companies have always been hung in offices, but the medium used is what we are concerned about. If you look at most of these photos, you will notice that they fade or turn yellowish with time, and that is why we are proposing canvas. Custom canvas prints will no doubt add a touch of class to your office while at the same time appreciate some of the most hardworking employees.

You can, therefore, have the hallways of your office and the waiting room beautifully decorated with canvas images of your employees. Besides you stand to achieve higher productivity when the employees are appreciated.

Advertise your products on canvas

Well, not everyone who visits your office comes to do business with you some are just escorts and might be attracted to the products and services that you offer if you can only make them visible. Custom canvas prints is the way to go, you can, therefore, have some of your company products on canvas and have them displayed in your office conspicuously.

Ensure, however, that you get the high-resolution photos to print on canvas so that they can be as desirable and irresistible as possible. You could also do a collage of the various products and incorporate some of the services that you offer.

Personalize your office with family photos on canvas

 The best thing about using canvas is that you are not limited in the type of photos and images that you can print on them. Custom canvas prints are also very versatile in that you can create a small gallery on the expansive wall or have photos of your family members embedded on canvas and neatly displayed on your office shelves.

Remember that your office décor can either enhance productivity or throw a damper on employee’s moods, so be keen on the color scheme that you incorporate be it for the custom canvas prints or the wall paint, and lastly ensure that the canvas and the wall paint are in sync.

Custom canvas print ideas for the conference room

The conference room is the best place to showcase both your business and your culture by using customized canvas prints, which have incorporated varied elements of your brand. And the best way to achieve the above is by using about two to three sets of different canvas prints, you might be tempted to use collage but this will again end up looking too busy when you want a simple and professional look.