What are we?

clgstationery.com Is a free resource blog written by and for people who have to incorporate stationary into their day to day life. Stationary can have a great impact on your productivity and success at work, as well as school depending on many factors.

We offer you a comprehensive range of information on different stationary items. Here are clgstationery.com, we are all about quality of the stationary and helping you make the right decisions when it comes to having choice and value.  Whether you are trying to find stationary for yourself or your business, clgstationery.com is meant to help you browse through different products from different brands to ensure you get the best quality and value for your money.

Our missions

Inspiring more creativity – we mention a variety of products that will give you the tools to be more creative at work, home or school.

Encouraging productivity – with good quality stationary comes the factor of productivity at school and in any workplace. Some stationary items are created to make life and work easier. For instance, a good calendar can help keep the employees at bay when it comes to time management.

Empowering some individuality – we encourage you to express your style, personality and individuality when it comes to choosing the right stationary.

Team, Writers and editorial guidelines

The team at clgstationery.com, is very passionate about stationary in general. While some stationary pieces are slowly growing less popular, it is good to acknowledge that nothing has come close to matching its effectiveness in use.

The team consists of professionals in the stationary business, researchers, writers and editors who ensure the content is high quality, non-biased and real.

So much of what we do at clgstationery.com is to help the reader understand more and find the perfect stationary pieces for the perfect occasions/events. We are all about communication with the reader, which is why we encourage interactions, questions, and enquiries from our readers.